Priv Club - English

The biggest music stars from Great Britain, mystical interior and ambience. Feel the atmosphere of Priv. and fall in love with London club culture. The club is situated in the Market Square of Wroclaw, below Bernard Restaurant. It boasts two dance floors of different character.

Czarny Kot - English

Czarny Kot is located in the backyard of Ruska street which you can enter through the arcades. This alley, being an alternative for Pasaż Niepolda for a long time already, has probably gained a strong player which can become the place of unforgettable experience and fun.

The interior has been decorated very ingeniously. The concept bases on musical passion combined with modern art (red walls bedecked with pictures, covers, music magazines and posters of concerts). You can find there some covers of „Rolling Stone” and „Metal Hammer”, also the ones of Jimmy Hendrix, James Brown and Pendulum. There are some Bob Marley’s posters and extracts of music magazines on the toilets’ walls. The lamps, doors and furniture are full of „chat noir” themes. Complement of the decor, or rather interior design, are abstract gilded reliefs depicting sun and faces, and surreal murals. Thanks to that there is simply something to pay attention to, of course, apart from barmaids. This club is not so small and the space full of details gives the impression of coziness. You can find there both, old comfortable sofas and loge boxes for bigger groups, as well as tables for romantic evenings. Additionally you can also sit on mezzanine with a view of the entire pub.

Bohema - English

Bohema club is located very close to Market Square, however a little bit out of the way, so it can be quite difficult to be found when going there for the first time. Luckily it’s a piece of cake for people persistently looking for fun.
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